Market Services

You have great products or services and want to introduce them to wider markets

Fairgain gives you outside-in visibility to your external markets

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Fairgain thrives on the initiation of new projects and the challenge of new business development with new customers. It has a very strategic and long term approach to its relationships which is well evidenced with their recent work for Harvard

– Russell Fletcher
Sales and Marketing Director Harvard Engineering.

Through rigorous research we’ll be able to give you a new perspective on opportunities in existing or new markets.

For certain industries we can also provide you with the contacts who make a difference

An ‘outside-in’ view can be invaluable in knowing where you stand in your market.

We might just confirm what you knew all along, but will more likely give you a fresh insight into your business and new opportunities

Your choice of sales channel affects your image, legal status, financial risk, profitability, time investment, ability to grow and much more.

We help you to think this through and make the best choice for your business. We can even help you get introduced to the right people in your chosen markets

Solving disputes can be a time consuming and costly exercise: Time and money you don’t want to spend.

Whether its just an uncollected invoice or a dispute about the whole business our experience can save you time and money